Spasim was the first, First-person shooter game ever. The idea of first-person shooter games probably came up in the army camps of united states. Because the first of its kind was generated to simulate combat and military operations for the U.S Army. Initially being a flight simulator, Spasim improvised itself to a tank simulator, however they weren’t accessible for home computers. Only in the year 1983, the game Battle Zone was launched for the home computers. The video game became an instant hit. It was the first mass-market game in the first-person genre with 3D graphics. Though first person shooter games for personal computers existed from the early 80’s they rose to popularity only in the mid 90’s.

With the rapid growth of science, every electronic gadget on earth took in games. Though they are high-end games in terms of both price and technology, most players drool behind these games. Technology is dramatically growing every single day, and the standard of these games have proportionally gone up making the players ecstatic as they go up every single level. The games have serious been good stress-busters and anxiety-killers.


Since there are loads of games available, it’s quite hard to place fingers on the top three. But still we have made best efforts to help you out:


Have you ever dreamt of leaving earth, transporting yourself to a shuttle-like space portals and live there with armed soldiers around you all the time? What if you were one of those soldiers making heroic moves to save your passengers? To turn this dream into virtual reality came the NOVA series. The highly rated game released its 4th installment NOVA Legacy in March 2017, a re-mastered continuation of its’s prequel. It is available for free download from play store and it comes with in-app purchases.

Dead Trigger 2:

It has always been a great disappointment that we can never be a part of all those grippy, nail-biting zombie movies. It’s no wonder that every zombie-lover would have wanted to smash those zombies and walk out like a legend. Dead Trigger 2 just makes that dream true. Released in the year 2013, the game has been piercing the hearts of the players. It is available in the play store for free with in-app purchase

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

For all, you guys out there with an extraordinary feeling of patriotism, come here and kill all the terrorists fiercely and quench your expectations. Let joy gush through your veins, as you pass by each level. All the releases of the Modern Combat series widely received positive reviews, however, the last installment came out to be the best of all. Released in the year 2014, it is out available in the play store for free download with in-app purchases.

Now that you know the best, download and enjoy and thank us later!


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