The Best Pizza In Iowa City

Iowa City is building an enviable reputation for great places to enjoy a meal – but one thing is becoming abundantly clear – one of the foundations of that growing reputation is Italian food – and in particular pizza.

Pizza remains one of America’s favorite dining choices – fact it remains a global choice when it comes to not only visiting a restaurant fore a sit down meal with the family – but also picking up some takeout for a relaxing meal at home.

So if you are in the area and want to enjoy some of the best pizza in the land visit one of the many fine piazza destinations in Iowa City.

Here are some venues that will always deliver on the promise to provide an exceptional pizza experience.

1. The Wig and Pen Pizza Pub.

When people start to drive for beyond 5 miles to get a pizza at an independent outlet when there are many places closer to there home then you know the pizza is something special. And that is review after review states – people are prepared to make the trip just to enjoy the pizza form the The Wig & Pen Pizza Pub.

But what makes it so special?

Well first off all they’re sell you a frozen pizza to take home and secondly their pizzas are simply delicious. Chicago style deep dish or a variety of other options – they’re all good – and excellent value for money. Try the thick crust ‘Flying Tomato’option and design your own.

2. Maggie’s Farm Wood-Fired Pizza.

Pizza and jazz on the patio. What a perfect combo. Some nice craft beer options and the usual other local and international beers. Great limited wine list. The pizzas shine. The Calabrese is fabulous. Don’t forget to order a plate of olives and remember there are gluten free versions available.

3. Marquee Pizzeria.

For many people what sets this venue apart is the simple quality of the cheese that is used. Notable choices include the ‘Wulfenstein’. Generous helpings of the la quercia speck and roasted mushrooms are the key flavor highlights. But do not miss the Brussell’s -you’ll regret it. As far as pasta is concerned – try that old standby – the Chicken Parmesan.

Iowa City has plenty of choice as far as pizza is concerned. It’s well worth exploring the Italian choices that are available in a city that is fast becoming a culinary powerhouse.

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