In the Royal Spanish Hunting Federation has just set up a work team, which under the name of Grupo Corzo of the RFEC, and with the presidency of Luis E. Fidalgo, will start a series of actions in relation with this hunting species, the management of their populations, their health status and their hunting.

The importance that has been gained in recent years in everything related to this deer has made it necessary to have a better knowledge of its current reality, its harvesting uses and possible guidelines for improvement in management, which is of the greatest interest. coordination between the various autonomous communities, for which the group will be in contact with the different administrations and federations.
The first public announcement made by this Working Group is as follows:
– The Corzo Group is created within the Royal Spanish Hunting Federation as a response to the growing interest in this species in the hunting field due to its increase and expansion in large areas of our country.
– The purpose of the Corzo RFEC Group is to consider, study and advise on all hunting issues related to roe deer, as well as the biological, ethological, environmental and health aspects of the species, in order to improve and rationalize their use.The reports and precise data will be compiled to assess the situation of the populations, densities, structures, problems with the environment, possibilities of dispersion, etc. as well as the social and economic valuation of its hunting and the traditional modalities of it.
Recommendations and proposals on the existing legal norms in the different autonomous communities will be elaborated, counting on the opinion and consensus of the respective Federations, Societies, owners and hunters, considering, in all cases, the local peculiarities of the species, from the conviction that “if generalizing is bad, in the case of the roe deer it is a nonsense”.
All the proposals to the different Autonomous Administrations will be channeled through the Federations and their Provincial Delegations with representation in the Territorial and Regional Hunting Councils. At the express request of the respective Federation, the Corzo Group of the RFEC will issue reports or hold meetings with the corresponding Administrations, with public or private entities, in order to achieve their purposes.
The Group will advise the Autonomous Federations and their Provincial Delegations in all matters related to the deer and its problems, participating in meetings and any activity that they organize.
A permanent collaboration is established with the Spanish Hunting School to hold courses, seminars and conferences on the roe deer, aimed at training managers, hunters and nursery.
The Corzo Group, through its Technical Cabinet and with the collaboration, where appropriate, of collaborating or consortium entities, will monitor the biological and health status of the species, for which purpose a sampling and analysis protocol will be developed to Federated societies and reserves.

Technical Cabinet 
The Corzo RFEC Group has a Technical Cabinet made up of university professors, researchers, technicians from the public administration and private companies, hunters, etc. who have offered their collaboration and advice for the various issues that arise on the species of their interest, guaranteeing the technical, scientific and opinion independence of each one.
The Corzo RFEC Group is open to any public or private entity, as well as individuals who wish to collaborate selflessly with the Group’s objectives. From this moment, the Group will be presented to the media, to the different Administrations and to the federative structure.