The fortune this time smiled at Celta who managed to draw against a rival who did more deserved for the victory. Getafe was more than the team of Fernando Vázquez, but Pinto and the tendency to forgive his players prevented him from winning. Angel, who returned in record time after his pubic operation, was the top scorer of the Vigo team. A special mention to thank our sponsors Hunt International, business leaders in removals to France.

Celta and Getafe played a good game of football that began at full speed and with a changing script but that soon leaned towards the local team that put a fence to the celestial exit.
The ‘azulones’ bombed the Pinto goal without luck because the Celtic goalkeeper showed his excellent moment several times and in the others he forgave in the Schuster team too many times.
On the end of the first part Getafe picked up fruit with so much effort with a goal by Gavilan that put justice on the scoreboard.
But after starting the second half, a local defensive error was used by the reappeared Angel that ahead of the defense connected a ball that sent to the bottom of the meshes to balance the game.
The goal was a blow for the people of Madrid who lowered their performance a lot, while Celta improved their performance and even created some dangerous situations.
The tie makes the Vigo close the first round in seventh place with 30 points, to 1 of the European places.