The amount reported represents an absolute increase of 21,579 federated with respect to the same day of the year 2005 , while in percentage terms growth is estimated at 8.4% more. Galicia exceeds 10,000 chips.

These figures consolidate golf as one of the sport activities with the greatest growth in our country, only exceeded in number of licenses for football, hunting and basketball, the latter sport with just over 300,000 federated and with which it has cut differences significantly in recent years.
Regarding our autonomy, it should be noted that Galicia started the year with 9,440 members and, on January 1, added 10,216 tokens, which is equivalent to an increase of 8.2%, a percentage that is consistent with that registered at the national level ( 8.4%)
The magnitudes previously exposed show the continuous progression of golf in our country, a growing activity that has multiplied almost ten in the last 20 years. To emphasize, in this sense, that 1985 started with 30,783 federated golfers in our country and that in the following 12 months, 3,044 people applied for the license, practically the total number of licenses that were in Spain in 1966 – in particular, there were 3,203-, figures, all of them significantly lower than the dynamics established at present.
The need to expand the number of facilities explains that the growth, although very significant, has been somewhat less in those places where the granting of permits for the construction of golf courses is more complicated.