For the thirteenth consecutive year, the Galician Judo Federation and the Vieirasa Famu Club, organizers of the event, fulfilled all their objectives of participation as well as success and spectacularity. The party began at midnight and for the twenty-two tatamis there installed the approximately 1,000 young judokas passed to demonstrate, under the watchful eye of their coaches and their family and friends, the teachings collected throughout the year.

The show was great with so many judokas in action of the most diverse ages performing different techniques before a completely crowded Pavilion where they lived with great enthusiasm a true day of Fiesta. The organization to encourage even more the party distributed illusion and gifts adorned with the presence of Pope Christmas on board a unique sleigh that ran the entire track.
Thousands of children from all over the province of Pontevedra took part in the XIII edition of the Judo Infantil Festival-Diputación-Concello de Vigo Cup held yesterday in the Central Pavilion of the IMD of Vigo and which was chaired by Marta Souto, delegate of the Consellería de Cultura y Deporte of the Xunta; José Covelo, from the Sports Service of the Diputación de Pontevedra; Antonio Coello, councilor of Vigo; Fernando Fernández, administrator of Faro de Vigo; Jorge Santos, representative of Caixanova; Antonio Bermúdez, of the company Vieira SA; Telmo Silva,